‘American Vandal’ Star Camille Hyde Has Experienced Blackface On Set


Camille Hyde says she’s seen blackface used on the set of some productions … and it makes people uncomfortable.
We got the “American Vandal” star Wednesday in L.A.’s Larchmont Village neighborhood where we asked for her thoughts on a young actor stand-in being darkened to match the complexion of Keith L. Williams in “Good Boys”… which upset some members of the crew.
Camille says the practice of using makeup to make a stand-in match the actor’s skin color isn’t totally unheard of — in fact, she tells us she’s seen it done herself. 
As for how it was handled … Camille says the issue was brought up then — much like it’s being brought up now — and believes speaking your truth is the best way to address it.
Like they say — cooler heads …