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Talk Buzz Tutor offers thousands of services trying to find the perfect one for what you need can seem difficult at first. But, by using Talk Buzz Tutor’s search engine, you can narrow down your search to find the exact service you need.

Searching for a service

On the homepage, in the search bar on top of the page, enter the service you are looking for and click Search. Even if you are just visiting Talk Buzz Tutor (not logged in), you can enter the service in the homepage banner and click Search. When you start typing into the search bar, autocomplete suggests the most common search terms as well as the categories where you can find them, Ex. If you enter “logo,” it will suggest “logo design.”

Once directed to your results page, you will see a few filters at the top of the page. Filters vary depending on the Gig category or subcategory but you can always set your preferred budget, delivery time, and any specific seller details to narrow down your search. Go forth and find the perfect seller for the service you need!


Filter sellers by:

Delivery timeFilter sellers based on your preferred delivery time.
BudgetFilter your search between two suitable price points.
Online statusSee if a seller is logged into Talk Buzz Tutor’s website/mobile application in real-time. 
Seller levelRanging from a new seller to a Top-Rated seller.
LanguageTalk Buzz Tutor sellers are located all over the world and sellers can indicate which languages they speak. Write to sellers in the language of your choice.
LocationFilter to find a seller that suits your time zone. 
Note: As you apply filters, you will see them listed above the marketplace. Click the (X) to remove.
Depending on the category, you may see more filters.
Ex. Graphics & Design has Style,” “File Format,” and “Service Includes” to help narrow down service requirements to ensure better results.

I found a seller I like, how do I get a quote?

Get a Quote enables you to contact sellers with regards to the details of your order, including your desired delivery time. This provides valuable information for the seller which, in turn, enables the seller to provide a quote customized to you.

Note: Get a Quote requests are only available in certain categories and is only optional for sellers to apply so the option may not appear on a seller’s profile. 


How to Get a Quote: 

  1. Find your Gig of choice by browsing through the thumbnails on the homepage, category, or subcategory pages. It is also possible to go directly to a Seller’s profile page if you know their username.
  2. Once logged in, from the marketplace on the homepage or category/subcategory pages, click the Seller’s Gig you would like to order.
  3. Click Get a Quote on either the Seller’s profile or Gig page.
  4. Describe the specific service you are looking for and attach any relevant files (up to 1GB). This will help the seller cater to your specific request.
  5. Select the specific criteria for your order. For example, you can select gender, language, age range, purpose, accent, and so on. This is optional and varies based on the type of service you require.
  6. Select the service delivery time expected upon order placement.
  7. Enter your budget for the service requested (optional).
  8. Click Submit Request.
    The Seller will receive your request and reply with a quote. You may decline or continue to purchase. 

We recommend communicating with the seller before the purchase to ensure that all questions, requirements, and concerns are addressed prior to any transaction taking place.  

Buyer Requests 


The Seller Plus program is designed to provide you with knowledge and tools to succeed on Talk Buzz Tutor and accelerate your business. One such advantageous feature’s result is experiencing further sales. By receiving notifications for new buyer requests, you can increase your profitability with more business opportunities.


What you can expect:

By participating in the Seller Plus program, you will receive new buyer request notifications that explicitly cater to your Gigs. 


By clicking the Manage notifications button within the Seller Plus program page or on the buyer requests page, you can control and personalize your notification preferences with the following support options available in your settings: 

  • Enable/ disable buyer request notifications 
  • Choose notifications frequency:
    • Every 15 minutes
    • Hourly
    • Daily digest.
  • Set a minimum request budget 
  • Set a minimum project duration request


What your potential buyers will see: 

  • After a buyer has posted a request, you will have the option to send your bid to the buyer, stating your offer. Thereafter, the buyer will choose one of the offers and make an order.
  • As a Seller Plus subscriber, your offers will appear first in line within the buyers’ list of possible offers.
  • A badge that clearly identifies your offer as a Seller Plus offer will be shown, providing the buyer with further confidence when selecting your offer.

How do I accept a seller’s delivery?

To accept a delivery:
  • Once logged in, click Orders.

  • Click on the Gig title to open the order.
    Note: You can access your deliveries in several ways, such as within your dashboard, emails, or notifications.

  • Within the Order page, scroll down to find the delivery message, or go to the Delivery tab.  You will find the option to click either Yes or No to answer the question: Are you pleased with the delivery and are ready to accept it?

  • If you are pleased and ready to accept it, click Yes to Approve the Final Delivery
    Clicking No will provide you with options on what is needed to be revised on your delivery, along with a text box to explain further.

  • Rate your experience and leave public feedback if you wish to do so.  You also have the option to complete the order and skip feedback.

How do I change my order’s status?

Usually, an order’s status changes when either the buyer or the seller takes action on the order page.

Active Statuses

  • From incomplete to in progress – The buyer has to submit their order requirements or, if the seller has enough information to start working, they can skip the order requirements. 

  • From in progress to delivered – The seller has to send the buyer the completed files or proof of work using the delivery button. 

  • From delivered to rejected – The buyer has to submit their revisions using the “no” option in the buttons available below the delivery message.  

  • From rejected to delivered – The seller has to resend the buyer the completed files or proof of work using the delivery button, including all the revisions requested that are within the scope of work.

  • From delivered to completed – The buyer has to submit their feedback comments by using the option to rate the seller or take no actions on the order page during the three days after the delivery is made. 
    Feedback can only be added while an order is in delivered status or up to ten days after it is marked as completed.  

  • From delivered or rejected to in progress – This happens when the seller modifies the order to add more time or add Extras to the order page that changes the delivery time.  
  • Note: When the delivery timeframe needs to be modified, the new delivery date must be counted from the original delivery date, not the current date.

  • From any status shown above to cancelled – While an order is in any active status, it can be cancelled in mutual agreement with the other party, by submitting a request to cancel through the resolution center.  


After completion

  • From completed to in progress – At this time, we do not have the option to reverse an order’s completed status.  The completed status is final; however, if work is still needed, the buyer and seller can continue to work through inbox messages. 
  • From completed to cancelled – After the order is marked as completed, it can only be cancelled by Talk Buzz Tutor’s Customer Support Team.  However, we encourage users to communicate any concerns they have regarding the order before requesting the order’s cancelation from Support. 

After cancellation

  • Cancelled orders cannot be restored.  If the buyer and seller reach an agreement, the order needs to be replaced by the buyer.  

How to cancel an order

Cancelations take place through the Resolution Center. If you have an issue with an order and would like to cancel, use the Resolution Center before contacting Customer Support.

Canceling an order

  • Log in > Orders > Open the order you’d like to cancel
  • Beneath your Order Details (on the right of the page) > Notice the blue text box.
  • Explain why you would like to cancel the order > Continue
  • Your comments will be submitted and sent to the seller.
  • Your seller has up to 48 hours to accept or decline your cancelation request
    Note:  See your open dispute within the Order page. Here you also have the option to withdraw the dispute.
  • If no response is received after 48 hours, the order is automatically canceled. The order will appear as mutually canceled. All disputes submitted through the Resolution Center are sent to your seller within the Order page. They are not sent to Customer Support, nor is Customer Support notified about the dispute.  




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