Conor McGregor Bailed On ‘Vikings’ Show Hours Before Shoot, Says Katheryn Winnick


Conor McGregor was booked to appear on an episode of “Vikings” this year — but canceled just hours before he was supposed to shoot his scene … this according to one of the stars of the show. 
We spoke with Katheryn Winnick — who plays Lagertha on the show — and she told us she personally wrote a role for the UFC star in an episode that she was directing.
But, when McGregor canceled right before the shoot — Winnick says she was forced to scramble and change the entire scene.
Winnick has been an actor on the show since day 1 — but only started directing episodes in 2018 … so the incident must have occurred this year.
Winnick says she’s not bitter — in fact, she’s even cracking jokes about the experience — but you can bet she would have much rather had him show up and do the scene.
As for an apology — Winnick says she never got one … but she’s still waiting!