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About Me and The Talk Buzz!
I grew up in a small town 15 minutes south of Atlanta, GA. I moved to the Washington, DC area over 20 years ago to pursue my career as a software engineer. I was in a car accident in 2014 and the injuries retired me. I worked for the Department of Defense, State Department and other government agencies as a contractor. This website is my new hobby, administering and conversing with members. The Talk Buzz just launched! Be the first to Start a Conversation about the hottest topics from articles on the Talk Buzz or what ever is on your mind. For mobile users click the three vertical lines to the left of your phone to register. Once registered you can connect with friends, by sending invites to your acquaintances. Upload pictures, link to videos and read the hottest articles updated daily. Create photo galleries of your family and private message your friends on your personal profile page. The Talk Buzz ask its members to * Be Nice –* Don’t Spam –* Don’t harass people * –Don’t share illegal stuff * –Don’t impersonate or create troll accounts. Welcome!! and Click on Start Conversation and Let’s Talk!