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Sellers create Gigs on Talk Buzz Tutor to allow Buyers to purchase their services.

Once a Seller registers they can set up their Services by Clicking the Dashboard button.

Before a Seller can publish their Gig, they will have to verify their identity.

A Seller can verify their identity by uploading a picture ID.

Acceptable forms of ID, is a driver’s license, passport, or if you live outside the USA your country identity photo card.

A Seller can switch their account between Seller and Buyer.

A Buyers profile options are a bit different from a Sellers.

A Sellers profile have the following options: 

Profile – Change your photo, and modify information about yourself in which you want to sell yourself to potential Buyers, such as title of Services you want to sell, hourly rate for each Gig, location, and the description, etc.

Message – This is where you communicate privately with a Buyer, and you will receive a notification from Buyers when you receive a message.

Projects – Only Buyers have projects that Sellers can bid on.  Sellers can switch over to a Buyers account to create  Projects to buy Service Gigs from other Freelancers.

Services – Are Gigs grouped as packages that you sell to potential Buyers. 

Packages – Should be listed as Basic, Standard and Premium, this is an example of how you should setup your Package Gigs

In this sample the Seller is selling SEO services, you can customize your Services based on your Brand Gig that you want to sell.

Turn your skills and talents into a source of income using seller levels.

If you promote your Gigs, ensure that your customers are satisfied, deliver on time, and maintain high-quality services and good ratings, you can achieve a new (and higher) level status.

Your seller level is based on your monthly performance. 

Talk Buzz Tutor allows you create a free online profile complete with pictures, videos, Buyers reviews and more. Your profile has everything you need to showcase your qualifications and experience for potential buyers to review.

Meet (and exceed) buyer expectations by ensuring that your service is immediately understandable. Keep your buyers updated throughout the order—right up until delivery. Establish yourself as a preferred seller, and maintain a favorable reputation, use the tips below.

Describe your Gig clearly

Use a clear title and a detailed description to explain your service. If you think it’s worthwhile, include the aspects that you don’t offer. Avoid misunderstandings with buyers by defining specific details and setting the number of revisions in advance.   

Define the details

Communicate with your buyer before, and during the order to confirm the type of file (design files, wireframes, prototypes, functioning websites, etc.) your buyer wants to get, and that you’re able to provide it

Ask for the details you need

Be sure to ask for everything you need to get the job done.
Recommendation: Create a template of a detailed brief in advance. This should include all the fields for the information you need, for your buyers to complete. The more you understand your buyer’s needs, the better your chance is of meeting them.
Remember: Buyers may not understand technical terms so this brief can be useful to bridge the knowledge gap. If you don’t understand their responses—ask questions to learn more. Your efforts to understand their needs not only result in quality delivery but also show buyers that you’re aiming to deliver exactly what they want. 

Be transparent

Avoid any potential surprises by sending updates to your buyers. These updates can be in the form of sketches or drafts and give your buyers an idea of what they will get at the end of the order. Be sure to ask for any changes needed—give your buyers a say in the process to improve your chances of delivering something they love.

Define your limits

Make it clear to your buyer how many revisions you provide for the Gig and avoid any potential misunderstandings or negative buyer experiences. If there is a lot of back and forth, a buyer may become impatient when defining delivery details with you. This is not an optimal experience for you or your buyers so be sure to be clear and set expectations from the very start of each order. 

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