NHL’s Max Pacioretty Sells Purge-Proof Florida Mansion, I’m Moving To Vegas!!


Because of Max Pacioretty’s trade to Vegas … somebody else in Florida won’t have to fear ‘The Purge’ — ’cause the NHL superstar just sold his safe room mansion FOR $3.1 MIL!!!
Max used to play for the Canadians up in Montreal … and obviously needed a snow escape — so he took off to Boca Raton to catch rays on off days.
But, with his move to the Golden Knights this offseason … no need for a sun house anymore — so the winger punted the palace.
It’s too bad … ’cause Max couldn’t have been more protected in the mansion — it featured smart house technology, weather resistant roofing and a freakin’ SAFE ROOM!!!
The crib also had a salt water pool AND a basketball court … obviously for use on days when the house’s protection wasn’t necessary.
Unclear where Max’s new pad is in Vegas … BUT SOMEBODY IN SIN CITY BUILD THAT MAN A NEW PANIC ROOM!!

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