A Story of Inspiration & Love

We had our dream wedding with friends in Lake Tahoe

We met on Match.com in April, 2009. We married October, 2010. We came from different worlds but found a common bond — we both shared the same interests and needed each other. We were destined to spend the rest of our lives together.

We both were successful in our own careers, I was a successful software engineer and he was a successful electronics engineer we both were at the top of our careers, we both had everything — but love, and love brought us together.

IT Professional, from business casual to dress for success 

My life before marriage

A Tragic Car Accident

We lived our dream by traveling often and just having fun!

But that happiness turned to tragedy overnight. It was a cool crisp sunny morning on September 14, 2014, I was driving to work and I stopped at a 4 way intersection (they need a traffic light there) and through the side of my eye, while pulling out, I saw this SUV coming straight for me, this elderly woman T-boned me before I could swing out of her way.

The local hospital found that I had suffered a brain hemorrhage, so they had to airlift me to Hershey Medical Center to stop the bleeding, luckily the bleeding stopped on its own.

To keep a long story short I had to relearn how to walk and talk again, most don’t survive a brain hemorrhage of that magnitude, I thank God for giving me another chance at life and my husband for nurturing me back to health.

Erik quit his job to care for me, I am lucky and grateful that Erik honored his vows by sticking with me through sickness and in health.

I had to go through a full year of physical therapy where I got my strength back, I started driving again two years after my accident.

Erik bought a restaurant “Wing King” in Atlanta to help me heal

My husband decided to buy a Wing restaurant in Atlanta in 2015 that would give me a chance for my brain to heal and rewire, I read that most people that survive a brain bleed tend to recover 100 percent and suffer no cognition problems, and it’s true, I have recovered 95 percent, I only walk with a limp.

We ran a successful Wing restaurant but decided to move the restaurant to a new location in Atlanta, we discovered that we didn’t own any of the equipment, the guy who we bought the restaurant from failed to put in the contract that we were leasing the equipment. To keep a long story short we ended up closing the restaurant.

We moved back to the Washington DC area to the suburbs of Maryland after closing the restaurant in Atlanta

I started my job search after my accident, I put my resume on the same job board that I’ve always posted on prior to my accident — and recruiter’s sent me job offers as always, since my skills and years of experience was still sought after and in demand. Since I visibly walk with a limp, I was honest to recruiters of my new handicap from the car accident, and as soon as I informed them that I suffered a brain hemorrhage from a car accident — I wouldn’t get a response back. But what could I do?

I reached out to my old job and did consulting, tutoring, mentoring and freelancing.

This is what inspired me to develop Talk Buzz Tutor.  I want to share my success with people and give them the opportunity to sell their knowledge. Talk Buzz Tutor is geared towards freelancing for those who need help with technology, but I have expanded other skillsets that allow talented people to sell their knowledge too.

This is why I’d like to dedicate the rest of my life helping others get into the Tech industry, who want to get out of their dead-end low paying jobs, and start a new path in high paying technology careers.

Talk Buzz Tutor

Talk Buzz Tutor

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