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What advice can you offer on how to progress in my career?

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I am currently stuck in a dead end job.

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How long have you been on your job and what type of work do you do?


I am currently a Help Desk Analyst with a Medical Company and I’ve been working there for 5 years.


Thanks for proving that information.  You can either continue your education or get certifications or both.

After you’ve put in your time as a help desk technician and obtained some good entry level certifications, you can likely expect to move on to a job as either a network administrator or systems administrator. A systems administrator is not going to be answering the phone as much as a help desk tech will be. As a sys admin, you will be expected to know how to install, configure and manage operating systems from the server level down to a desktop level. You might start to pick up some data center experience with virtualization technologies and various storage technologies. This is where you might start to build out a niche for a specific software or technology, and grow the rest of your career off of it. For me, this was where I learned VMware and it just took off and brought me where I am today. It could be networking or storage that piques your interest. If you find something that does, grab ahold of it and learn all you can.

Find a mentor that will help you understand the ins and outs of the technology that your organization is utilizing and sit in on any architecture or design meetings that you can. Take lots of notes and do your best to gain an expert level understanding of how the organization architected their infrastructure and also why they did.  Time spent as a system or network administrator will be where you gain the bulk of your experience and knowledge of IT, and it will help you advance to more technically challenging roles later on in your career. Expect to spend a good chunk of your career in systems administration, starting as a junior sys admin and working your way to a senior admin before moving on.

Good Luck!

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