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Hello my name is Beverlee Bark and I am a Digital Marketer, specializing in YouTube

I will promote YouTube video and channel

Want to grow your video and channel?  You’ve come across one of the best gigs regarding you-tube video and channel promotion

I have five years’ experience in Digital marketing, also learning courses successfully completed and skill tests passed.

How this works. 

Backlinks creation SEO

article contextual backlinks

by Do follow backlinks

Web 2.0

Ppv ads campaign


Do YouTube video and channel promotion 

Increase audience engagement

Expose your content to world traffic

Safe White hat


Increase video rank, engagements

Growth, help to viral

Help to monetize

Backlinks details excel report with delivery.

Bigger packages give big results

also giving extra SEO service for video and increase your search rank for your keyword, get the search first page.


One video, channel link

All categories accepted- general, kids videomusic, song, game

Get natural engagements


Help to grow your channel

Organic audience

Tags- organicmarketingchannel, viralmonetizationgrowth, kids video, songmusic, SEO service ,contextual, Do followtraffic, backlinks, music, organic


Delivery: 1-3 Days

I will provide professional resume writing, cover let..

  • Resume Writing


Barbara Olinger
Delivery: 1-3 Days

I will develop Front end Microsoft Access using VBA

  • Desktop Applications


Delivery: 1-3 Days

I will be your social media marketing manager

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