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I will QA test and review your website or app for bugs, usability, UI, UX

My name is Malivai and I am a QA Engineer with more than 5 years experience in testing and previously – in web development. Me and my team of qualified professionals will help you turn your website or app into a bug-free, easy to use, high converting product.

We will test your website for:

⭐️ First impression & design

⭐️ Responsiveness on different devices

⭐️ Browser compatibility

⭐️ Functionality & bugs

⭐️ Speed & performance

⭐️ Navigation quality & ease

⭐️ UX and usability

If your product is an app, we’ve got you covered too! We will make sure that your iOS or Android app is:

⭐️ Fully functional and bug-free

⭐️ Stable and well performing

⭐️ Easy to navigate and intuitive to use

You will get a report in the form of a text document with detailed explanations, annotated screenshots and video recordings of the issues, as well as actionable advice on what else you can do to improve your product.

If you have any questions, or have a specific request, let me know – we will discuss all the details and ensure your satisfaction.

Thank you!

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