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I will record a professional American female voice over

Welcome! My name is Matraca , and it is extremely important to me that you have a great voice-over of the highest quality for success in your business or personal goals!

I will…

  • Study and apply your directions for the voice over
  • Read & analyze your script to best determine the voice needed
  • Record in a sound-treated space with Professional Equipment
  • Edit, master, and format all work to the highest standard

Please Note:

  • Please purchase usage rights and /or broadcast rights if you are promoting a business/ brand in any way. Or, using for internet, or social media.
  • Please check my revision policy
  • Currently, I am not excepting work with the following content: heretical, sexually explicit, immoral, or political. No testimonials or Sales/Pyramid schemes.

My tones can transform to: Friendly, natural, warm, sincere, energetic, bright, accessible, trustworthy, upbeat, optimistic, compelling, young adult millennial, authentic, American English, Urban, engaging, narration, commercial, high quality, inexpensive, persuasive, professional, commercial, believable, youthful, charismatic, inspirational, compassionate, conversational, articulate, humorous, character, Disney, I can do it all!

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