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I will build Excel financial model, forecasts, budget, projections

Are you looking for a robust financial model to put together an abstract representation of your real-world business situation? Are you looking to employ financial Projections to forecast your business outcomes and think-through your business strategies? Are you looking to outsource your financial model to a reliable financial modelling service provider? If so, you are at the right place.

My Financial models are typically built for, and relied upon, to support business decisions. They would provide insightful financial analysis and projections, allowing you to support your business plan or investment decision.

 Financial models help decision-makers to accurately forecast financial outcomes for their businesses.

Our premium Financial Model will cover:-

✅ Startup Summary

✅ Well laid out financial assumptions

✅ Revenue Forecast

✅ Projected Income Statement

✅ Balance Sheet

✅ Cash flow

✅ Charts & Graphs

✅ Business Ratio Analysis

✅ DCF Valuation



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