Uber Joins the Electric Scooter Game with ‘JUMP’


If you were already sick and tired of seeing electric scooters zipping all over L.A.’s Westside, too bad … ’cause Uber’s dumping even more of ’em onto the streets.
Uber rolled out its own line of electric scooters Wednesday in Santa Monica, which they’re calling JUMP. No word if these things can catch air — ‘memba Razors?! We’re guessing it’s not recommended since these seem to be similar to scooters Bird and Lime are using.
Needless to say, these little fellas have pissed off a lot of people for a bunch of different reasons — blocking walkways, riding in the middle of roadways, drunk scooter riders … and so on. On the other hand — they’re super fun!!! Try one out sometime … responsibly.
Apparently, through October 7, people who use Uber’s new scooter can rent ’em for free for 5-30 minute rides. Capitalism at its finest. 

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