UFC’s Derrick Lewis: Wifey Hit Me with Sex Ban After Rousey Comments


UFC fan favorite Derrick Lewis says he hasn’t banged for WEEKS … and it’s all because of Ronda Rousey.
You might remember — Derrick spoke with TMZ Sports at the end of January … and when we asked him about Ronda, he told us he was still hot for her.
Yeah … his wife didn’t like that.
“She’s mad. She ain’t gave me ass ever since I mentioned her again in the last interview.”

The good news — the Black Beast has a plan to win her back at UFC Fight Night Austin this weekend!!
“I have to get this win so I can buy her something real nice, and hopefully I can get some ass next week.”
Real talk — Derrick told us he’s made 1 major improvement since he lost to Mark Hunt … and we (and all of mankind) will be rooting for him.

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