University Of Kentucky Students Flip Kid’s Car After Win, Kid’s Mom Pissed


The car that got flipped in that raging Kentucky victory celebration over Florida this weekend DID NOT belong to a UK student … and now the mother of the kid it belongs to is SUPER FREAKING PISSED OFF!!

Kentucky fans are wild lol
— △⃒⃘ (@ItsPaoloni) September 9, 2018

Kentucky ended a 31-year drought beating Florida 27-16, prompting a crazy celebration/riot in Lexington where Matt O’Hara — a 19-year-old who was visiting friends who attend UK — had his car flipped over.
Matt’s mom, Amy, was none too pleased about the car carnage … and scrambled to make a GoFundMe page to get her kid a new whip … and to lambaste the rowdy Wildcats responsible.
“When UK won, the students went nuts and started destroying my son’s car. They ripped the doors off, shattered every window and then flipped over, totally destroying it.” Amy then asked why “young people think it is okay to destroy other people’s property?” She ended her thoughts with the hashtag, #AngryMom.
As of right now, the GoFundMe page has raised roughly $2,300 of it’s $5,000 goal … but the comments section of the page is HILARIOUS … with multiple UK fans blaming Matt for parking there, and Amy for not having full coverage on her son’s car.
College football, how we missed you.

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