Usain Bolt Grinds On Hot IG Model Zahra Elise


Here’s a video that makes us wonder if Usain Bolt’s “pass” from his GF is still valid … the Jamaican sprinter is grinding up on one of the hottest women on earth.
The lady’s name is Zahra Elise, and she has nearly 1 million followers on Instagram because of her incredible, natural gifts and the fact that she’s a “Wild ‘N Out” girl/video model.
Bolt and Zahra are apparently cool, because there’s video of the two grinding on each other down in the Caribbean recently with a caption on it that reads “Missed you too.” (She posted it).
Of course, we know Bolt has a longtime GF, Kasi Bennett, but we also know that she doesn’t seem to mind UB gettin’ his dagger game (dancing) on with the ladies in the club … THE GRIND PASS.
BTW … we reached out to Zahra — she says they’re just friends, anyway … and you’re just about to look at the gallery of her below.

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