YouTuber Logan Paul Apologizes for Posting Video of Dead Body


Logan Paul is making a full mea culpa for posting a vlog showing a dead body he discovered in Japan … saying he only intended to raise awareness about suicide.
The famous YouTuber posted the original 15 minute video Sunday showing him and some friends venturing through a forest at the base of Japan’s Mount Fuji — otherwise known as “Suicide Forest” for the high number of self-inflicted deaths that happen there.
In the video — which is incredibly graphic — Logan and his crew stumble upon a dead body hanging from a tree. He comes up close to the body and zooms in while police are called.

Dear Internet,
— Logan Paul (@LoganPaul) January 2, 2018

As you might imagine, Logan caught a huge amount of backlash online — and he took down the video soon after. He also issued a lengthy apology Monday. 

Sounds like he’s sorry — but we gotta say … this one seems like it should’ve been a no-brainer from the get. 

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