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We are a small and growing Freelance Tutoring  company that’s transparent in how we do business.

Buyer Protection

The Buyer is protected by PayPal.  The Buyer has double protection. With Talk Buzz Tutor and PayPal, if for any reason you are not satisfied or didn’t receive services that you paid for you have Buyers Protection with PayPal in the event something goes wrong with disputing with Talk Buzz Tutor.  
More about Buyer Protection.

Sellers and Buyers must have a PayPal account before they can initiate a purchase.

Create a PayPal account, if you don’t have one click here.

Make sure that you use the same email address that you register with Talk Buzz Tutor with PayPal because that’s how you get paid.

PayPal requires you to link a credit or debit card in order to setup an account.

Your PayPal account is how you get paid for your services.

Sellers create Service packages on Talk Buzz Tutor to allow Buyers to purchase their services.

  • Click on the link of a Service that you are interested in, do NOT click the Order button until you contact the Seller.
  • Send the Seller a private message to let them know that you are interested. Once the Buyer and Seller communicate and agree on mutual terms then you can proceed to charge your Wallet to cover the cost of the service package Gig. 
  • The Buyer must add money into their  Wallet for a deposit before the Seller can start Services.
  • Buyers can’t order a service until they charge their Wallet to cover the cost of the service package Gig.
  • Once the Buyer enter the amount of the service package Gig in their Wallet, the Buyer will be redirected to checkout immediately to deposit the amount in PayPal.
  • A deposit admin fee is automatically deducted on checkout.

Below are a sample of the admin and PayPal fees that are automatically deducted from each service sale, click to enlarge. 

Once the Buyer is satisfied with the service Gig and any Ongoing service interactions, the Buyer can complete the service and give a review.

Once the service is complete both the Seller, Buyer  and Admin will receive email notification that Order is complete.

The Admin holds the funds in a PayPal business account and once the sale is complete the Admin will release the funds to the Sellers minus PayPal fees. 

The Seller will receive an email notification that You’ve got money waiting.

If for any reason the Buyer is not satisfied with the service, they don’t have to complete that order, and they can contact Admin services here and the Admin will issue a  full refund of your deposit.


If a Buyer has completed a service and later find out there is an issue with the service, we recommend that the Buyer try to resolve the issue with the Seller before completing the dispute form.

The Buyer must include as much information about their dispute, such as the Seller’s name, amount paid, and their service package Gig name in the description section of the dispute. 

Once the Buyers  submit the dispute it will be seen by the Admin and the Admin will send the Seller a private message to resolve.

The Seller has up to 48 hours to accept or decline the Buyers request.

The Admin will make the final decision if a mutual agreement is not made to settle the dispute.

If the admin decides to refund the amount of the service the Buyer will receive a email that the dispute has been accepted and the money automatically be refunded back into their Wallet for future purchases.

The Buyer can request a full refund from the Admin and they will receive a cash refund from PayPal.

Setup you your personal profile information

1. Profile Dashboard


Once a Seller registers they can set up their Services by Clicking the Dashboard button.

Before a Seller can publish their Gig, they will have to verify their identity.

A Seller can verify their identity by uploading a picture ID.

Acceptable forms of ID, is a driver’s license, passport, or if you live outside the USA your country identity photo card.

A Seller can switch their account between Seller and Buyer.

A Sellers Dashboard have the following features: 

Active Services, Ongoing Services and Completed Services.


A Buyers Dashboard have the following features: 

Active Projects, Proposals, Ongoing Projects and Completed Projects.


Change your photo, and modify information about yourself in which you want to sell yourself to potential Buyers, such as title of Services you want to sell, hourly rate for each package Gig, location, and the description, etc.

Message – This is where you communicate privately, and you will receive a notification notice when you receive a message.

Projects – Only Buyers have projects that Sellers can bid on.  Sellers can switch over to a Buyers account to create  Projects to buy Service package Gigs from other Freelancers.

Services – Are Gigs grouped as packages that you sell to potential Buyers. 

Packages – Should be listed as Basic, Standard and Premium, this is an example of how you should setup your Package Gigs

In this sample the Seller is selling SEO services, you can customize your Services based on your Brand Gig that you want to sell.

Buyers can complete and submit a project for  freelancers to bid on.

Wallet – When buyers purchase Services, they pay Talk Buzz Tutor a 10 percent fee at checkout.

When the Seller complete their project the funds will be released from the website balance.

Once that order is marked “completed”, the Admin will transfer funds into the Sellers PayPal account. 

2. Upload your ID  to publish Services

Freelancers must upload a photo ID in their profiles for verification before they can publish a Service Gig. 

3. Select the proper freelancer

Browse freelancer profiles. Chat in real-time.

Evaluate proposals and choose the most effective one. Award your venture and your freelancer begins work.

4. Pay when you’re satisfied

Pay securely utilizing our Milestone Cost system. 

Launch funds when services have  been accomplished and also you‘re 100% happy.


With Talk Buzz Tutor, you can develop a website for remote freelancers that will provide their best to the clients

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With Talk Buzz Tutor, you can develop a website for remote freelancers that will provide their best to the clients

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