In this post we have prepared 100 unique best services to sell on Talk Buzz Tutor as a Freelancer. These Freelancer Gig ideas do not require money to start them, they only require your knowledge and can be perfect even for beginner entrepreneurs.

If there are some popular and widely used goods on the market that many people use, it is almost certain that it pays to create services related to these goods.

Highlight your skillset, provide services, build your relationships and start earning money directly.

Respond to assignments

Find the right job for you, deliver quality work, and receive payment.

Create offers

Present your skills, write a description, set your rates, and start looking for freelancing clients.


1. Remote consultations and medical advices 
Health is something for which all people are able to pay a lot. Often, patients have simple questions for doctors, such as how often to take a drug or how to treat a disease. Some of these tips can be easily provided over the internet. But make sure you licensed to give medical advice.

2. Remote 3D printing & shipping 3D printed objects to clients 
Many people need to 3D print something but don’t have the right equipment or knowledge. Offering custom 3D printing will solve this need.

3. Virtual assistant service
Virtual assistance is one of the best services to sell online. There are many different types of assistance – depending on what you know and what you are interested in, you can offer virtual organizing, virtual accounting, virtual problem solving and many more.

4. Remote coaching 
Coaching, which is when a coach (who has a lot of knowledge about a particular subject) teaches his student (who wants to grow) is a perfect example of a service that can be provided over the internet.

5. Psychological sessions online
Many of the services provided by a psychologist can be done online. The most important part of a psychologist’s work, the conversation with the patient, can take place via video call, for example, or over the phone. Some patients prefer this form of psychological services because it is more convenient for them, or they feel more comfortable. But make sure you licensed to give medical advice.

6. Remote organizing services
There are a whole bunch of things that need to be organized, planned and prepared. Many people and companies are able to pay a lot for a professional plan of action or good organization such as events, travel, parties, company structure or conference plan.

7. Personal stylist services
Many people pay a lot of attention to their appearance, so they need advice from stylists and image consultants. These are services that can be provided without much trouble online.

8. Code editing and checking services
Code written by one programmer very often contains some errors, or has some neglect in style. The code editing and checking service is something that many IT professionals would certainly need. It is important that the company providing such a service is characterized by a good reputation and high standards, so that no code creator has to fear that his code, i.e. his intellectual property, will be robbed. It’s good to take into consideration the huge increase in the importance of programming, that’s why this type of business is a very forward-thinking idea.

9. Diet and workout mentoring and motivational service 
One of the most important elements of training and diet is constant contact with a trainer or mentor. This can be done over the internet without any problems. A suitable camera on the phone and jase formulation of commands will allow you to be successful even while listening to your trainer in a video conversation.

10. Goal reaching motivational service 

11. Social media ads agency
You can start it yourself or with a couple of friends. If you feel free in social media and have some experience in creating high quality content you can easily find many customers who are eager to pay serious money for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and other ads campaigns. If you understand social media and know how to use them, such advertising agency can be very profitable business.

12. Film content creating

13. Online shopping assistant
Many people like to shop (especially for clothes) using the advice of someone they know and can trust. Such professional services can be provided over the Internet, such as sending links to recommended products, or going to the store with the customer via video call.

14. Online speech therapist

15. Online sport mentor and trainer for sport players

16. Private data protection agency
Online privacy protection is a new and very forward looking field among the business services to sell online. Individuals and companies are able to pay a lot of money to protect their privacy, which is so often violated online today.

17. High quality reasearch on demand
Many companies, as well as individual people, for example, scientists need someone to research specific topics for them. 

18. SEO services
SEO which means Search Engine Optimization is a service that can be completely done over the internet. Almost all small medium and large companies need SEO services at times, so the demand for such services is high.

19. Language learning online
There are many ways to teach language online. One of them is simply offering face time classes in which the student talks to the teacher through the camera and performs language tasks, learns to read, conducts conversations etc. Through the internet, students can also write essays and receive teaching aids from teachers. In addition, there are also a number of options for creating language courses for people who want to learn a foreign language.

20. Financial adviser services

21. Investment consulting

22. Proofreading of texts, blog posts, ebooks etc.

23. Logo design
If you have graphic design skills then this could be a great idea for a service to sell online for you. Many people and companies need logos, or graphics. You can easily create and sell them online.

24. Photo editing and graphic design

25. Audio editing

26. Music making

27. Online interior designer

28. Online architectural services

29. Digital marketing agency
Digital marketing is a whole range of marketing services that can easily be done online. All you need to do is to get along well with the client about specific orders and you can do everything remotely.

30. Nutrition consultant

31. Online beauty and wellness and body care and cosmetics assistant

32. Online tutor

33. SAT tutoring & preparation

34. Language translation
Since documents and texts of all kinds can be easily scanned or photographed there is no problem to translate them remotely.

35. Business plan consulting and making

36. Data analysis

37. Business coaching

38. Live chat customer support service

39. Email marketing management

40. Sales and marketing consultant

41. Podcasting related services

42. Presentation and proposal designer
Sometimes to prepare a professional presentation or proposal you need to spend a lot of time on it and have a lot of experience. Such services can be offered online and done remotely.

43. Public relations consulting

44. Mobile IT support service

45. Software development

46. Hardware development

47. Web development and website creating

48. Online security consultant

49. Online travel agent

50. Traveling consulting and support agency
Many people want to see as many valuable and great attractions as possible while traveling and want to feel safe. The tourist support service consists in advising where to go, what attractions to see, what to watch for. Such a company would advise and help in case of problems. For example, if a customer breaks down a car while traveling, the company looks for the nearest car dealership and orders a mechanic. In addition, such an agency should provide: trip guides, road trip plan / communication plan, suggested best hotels, list of important things to pack and take on the trip, things to be aware of, etc.

51. Websites managing and proofkeeping 

52. Creating content for websites and blogs

53. Résumé writing

54. Ghostwriting

55. YouTube channel content making

56. Assisting in online auctions

57. Online dating consultant or profile editor

58. Survey company
Public opinion checking company. The idea is to offer services of performing research on people’s opinions, feelings and ideas about some specific topics or products.

59. Private opinion and advices giving company
About things like life, relationships, look, how other people see some things etc.

60. E-bookshop
There is already many ebookshops but there is still some space for niche bookshops focused on books one specific niche.

61. E-publishing house
Help authors, bloggers, and any other writers to publish their books and texts. Beginner authors often need help in preparing their book or ebook to the final form, need some help in advertisement and in things like know-how e.g. how to prepare book cover.

62. Account manager
Account strategist, pharmacist account executive etc.

63. Data modelling and visualization service

64. Online speech therapist

65. Online sport mentoring and guiding
Professional services of this kind can be very useful for for sportsmen, athletes and teams

66. E-Business which connects people who want to sell and buy gold, silver, and other precious metals.

67. Link building services
Bloggers and need backlinks. You can offer them help in connecting other bloggers and webiste owners and build backlinks for them.

68. Advertising services for artists and products
Offering word of mouth marketing services and other special marketing services done in the internet.

69. Ads optimization service
Both companies advertising their products and website owners on which ads are displayed often have many questions and seek help with ads.

70. Online auctions assistant
Must lead to the winning of the action at a favorable for the buyer price. His tasks are to overbid other bidders and to inform the buyer about the most important changes.

71. Online stock assistant
Informing about changes on the stock and providing the client with the most important information, as well as buying or selling client shares when the client wants it

72. Elderly online helper and organizer
Older people often require care, they need someone to remind them to take their medication, or someone to explain to them how to order a plumber or a TV repair specialist. These advice and assistance can be given remotely via the internet.

73. Customer service management

74. Internet call center services
Calls can be done using internet for example using messenger whatsapp skype and facetime

75. IOS or Android apps development

76. Promotional video making
Many people as well as companies need to order professional video editing. Examples of such people who may need it can be for example creators of videos on TikTok, or small companies that want to promote their business with such a professional video.

77. Crowdsourcing services or crowdfunding management

78. Online forums / games / communities or websites administration services

79. Animations making
It is one of the most profitable services to sell online. An experienced animation creator can earn really big money in this way, and the whole animation company has a chance to earn millions of dollars a year. Everything online.

80. User experience and user Interface (UX & UI)
Is about interface designing and checking user experience for imperfections to improve them.

81. Usability or QA testing services
Detecting bugs, testing, quality checking etc.

82. Online tech support

83. Voice actors, dubbing or voiceover services
Many entrepreneurs need a good quality voice recording. They are used for the production of applications, films, toys for children and many others

84. Affiliate marketing services and management

85. Job search consulting

86. Online store consulting and management services

87. Bookkeeping and online accounting, tax preparer

88. Business plan writing service

89. Lyrics writing
Most songs have some lyrics. Many singers know how to sing and create music, but they don’t have an idea for good lyrics for their songs. And that’s why they need the help of song writers. Even if you don’t have musical talent, you can contribute to creating great musical works with work like this.

90. Cryptocurrency consulting, trading and management service

91. Transcription service
These are one of the simplest services to sell online. Often, it is only about listening to a recording and writing it down.

92. Online recruiting services

93. Events planning online services

94. Creating professional digital products
Many people want to sell some digital products online, but they can’t prepare it properly or they want it to be of good enough quality. This idea comes down to creating for them a product that they will be able to sell.

95. Start paid private Facebook group
Being member of a premium private Facebook group can be service that people want to pay for. All they need is to provide group members with what they need in good quality.

96. Remote sales services
As more and more companies take on the lean, mean approach to business, outsourcing cold calling and telesales functions becomes a sort of standard in the startup and small business environment. Whether you want to sell highly-targeted sales pitches or customer data, such as phone numbers and email addresses, the potential is vast.

97. Influencer services
As an influencer, run campaigns and influence people. You can also collaborate with various influencers and run large influencer campaigns

98. Natural, eco and organic life advisory
Many people want to live healthier and more ecological. However, not everyone is aware of what is really healthy for people and good for the environment. Many people are happy to seek specialist advice to live a better and more eco-friendly life.

99. Selling online courses
E.g. online course of programming

100. Online data calculation and data entry services

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