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Section 1
Lecture 1SQL
Lecture 2SQL - Overview
Lecture 3SQL - RDBMS Concepts
Lecture 4SQL - RDBMS Databases
Lecture 5SQL - Syntax
Lecture 6SQL - Data Types
Lecture 7SQL - Operators
Lecture 8SQL - Expressions
Lecture 9SQL - CREATE Database
Lecture 10SQL - DROP or DELETE Database
Lecture 11SQL - SELECT Database, USE Statement
Lecture 12SQL - CREATE Table
Lecture 13SQL - DROP or DELETE Table
Lecture 14SQL - INSERT Query
Lecture 15SQL - SELECT Query
Lecture 16SQL - WHERE Clause
Lecture 17SQL - AND and OR Conjunctive Operators
Lecture 18SQL - UPDATE Query
Lecture 19SQL - DELETE Query
Lecture 20SQL - LIKE Clause
Lecture 21SQL - TOP, LIMIT or ROWNUM Clause
Lecture 22SQL - ORDER BY Clause
Lecture 23SQL - Group By
Lecture 24SQL - Distinct Keyword
Lecture 25SQL - SORTING Results
Lecture 26SQL - Constraints
Lecture 27SQL - Using Joins
Lecture 29SQL - NULL Values
Lecture 30SQL - Alias Syntax
Lecture 31SQL - Indexes
Lecture 32SQL - ALTER TABLE Command
Lecture 33SQL - TRUNCATE TABLE Command
Lecture 34SQL - Using Views
Lecture 35SQL - Having Clause
Lecture 36SQL - Transactions
Lecture 37SQL - Wildcard Operators
Lecture 38SQL - Date Functions
Lecture 39SQL - Temporary Tables
Lecture 40SQL - Clone Tables
Lecture 41SQL - Sub Queries
Lecture 42SQL - Using Sequences
Lecture 43SQL - Handling Duplicates
Lecture 44SQL - Injection
Lecture 45SQL - Database Tunning
Lecture 46SQL - Questions and Answers

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