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I will help plan and manage your Zoom or Hybrid or in person event

Hello! I’m Wynonna! I am the owner of a virtual event company specialized in creating impactful and memorable events!

Want to have a virtual event on Zoom or another streaming service? Looking for a little help and support? We’re here to help! We provide customized virtual event support!! We like to get to know you and about your event so we can provide you a customized red carpet experience! We offer free consultations! 

Years of stage experience working as an Emcee, Moderator for various events! Looking for a friendly, authoritative person to host your webinars, on-screen?

I will be your  experienced Virtual Host for your Meetings, Webinars, Sales-Investor Pitches, Trainings, Virtual Summits on platforms such as Zoom, StreamYard, WebEx, and others.

When you hire me, rest assured that I will accomplish the following:

✅ Ensure that your information is presented professionally

✅ Field questions in your Q&A segment (with guidance)

✅ This is not moderation/tech, only hosting

✅ Please see the PDF below my image. It will answer a lot!

The pricing listed are for smaller events running no longer than 1.5 hours. I will provide customized quotes based on your event’s requirements

Message me! Talk soon!

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